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Essentials Every Pet Owner Should Have in Their Pet First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit ready for your pet is crucial when minutes count and ensures you can deal with minor pet emergencies. You should review and update your pet's first aid kit semi-annually to make sure it has the necessary supplies.

The following items that should always be in your pet's first aid kit:

Emergency Contacts

You should write down our practice’s phone number and the info for your veterinarian and place them in the first aid kit. If you have a pet sitter, pack their card in there too. Also, save the phone numbers in your contacts.


These are essential in any cat or dog's first aid kit. They provide support and prevent contamination. Ensure the bandages are not too tight to limit blood flow, but tight enough not to fall off. Preferably, choose a self-adhering type, like cling wrap, not bandaids.

Latex Gloves

Gloves are essential for providing first aid to pets. They protect both you and your pet from infection. Keeping more than one pair in your pet's kit is advisable.

Sterile Eye Solution

If something irritates your pet's eyes, consult a veterinarian before attempting home treatments. However, it is essential to have a sterile rinse on hand, in case you need to flush something out of your pet’s eye.

Blunt-tipped Scissors

Having a pair of blunt-tipped scissors in your pet's first aid kit would be best. They can be used to apply bandages or remove fur near an injury but be careful not to nick your pet's skin. They can also be used to trim fur near their nose, ears or eyes.

Pet Medications

If your pet is on chronic medications, be sure to stock at least a week’s worth in the first aid kit. Always check the expiration dates of these medications and keep them up to date. You can also pack your kit with a few standard remedies, like styptic powder or hydrogen peroxide.

Plastic Syringe

A syringe allows you to administer liquid-based oral medications to a nervous pet or oral solutions to your dehydrated furry friend. It can also flush out and clean a wound. Please make sure the syringe is clean and sealed until the next time you need to use it.

Digital Thermometer

A digital thermometer is essential for monitoring your pet's temperature. Ensure you use a thermometer designed for pets. Also, make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions.


Chances are your pooch or kitty will need some distraction when they are undergoing first aid. This is where treats come in quite handy. If your furry friend can eat, their favorite treats can be an effective and fun way to distract them.

Pet Antiseptic Wipes 

Antiseptic wipes help minimize the infection risk in your pet's wound. High-quality wipes containing chlorhexidine are an excellent choice if you need wipes for both cats and dogs. They are safe and sting-free for both your feline and canine companions.

For more on the essentials of a pet first aid kit, visit the East Texas Pet Emergency Clinic at our office in Longview, Texas and call (903) 759-8545 to learn more.

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