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Common Reasons Your Pet Needs an Ultrasound

The Veterinary Ultrasound Society recognizes and promotes the importance of ultrasound in checking your pet’s health. Diagnosing is easier when your veterinarian can see what is going on inside your pet’s body. An ultrasound can make treatments more accurate. Knowing why your pet would need an ultrasound can help prepare your pet for the next appointment. Here are the details.


For Collecting Tissue Samples

Your veterinarian can use ultrasound for fine-needle aspiration and biopsies. In these procedures, your veterinarian will need to sedate your pet. This will ensure that your pet stays still. Biopsies can be less invasive when ultrasound is used.


For Heart Issues

Your veterinarian will order an ultrasound if your pet has a heart condition. You may need to go to a specialist for this diagnostic exam. This type of imaging can see the state of your pet’s heart. Your veterinarian can determine if there are abnormalities to target as well.


For Confirming Abnormal Lab Results

Any abnormal lab result can tell your veterinarian to order an ultrasound. Low or elevated values may indicate damage or disease in any of your pet’s organs. High blood values may indicate a type of cancer or tumor. This can help veterinarians provide more tests that explain why the values are not normal.


For Examining Soft Tissues

Ultrasound can check almost any type of soft tissue. Your veterinarian can use it to check your pet’s ligaments, tendons, and joints. It can also check your pet’s thyroid glands and eyes. If your veterinarian suspects that your pet is pregnant, an ultrasound can confirm it.


For Checking Abdominal Anomalies

Your veterinarian may palpate your pet’s abdominal area. If there is a strange mass, pain, or swelling, your veterinarian will order an ultrasound. It will allow your veterinarian to see what is wrong and can help them formulate a treatment plan for your pet. Keeping an eye on your pet’s health status is also possible with an ultrasound.


For Assessment After Trauma

After an animal attack or a vehicular accident, your veterinarian will need an ultrasound to see the extent of tissue or bone damage your pet has sustained. Your veterinarian will use this technology to see what areas need extensive treatments. An ultrasound will check for the presence of internal bleeding or fluid accumulation. This can then lead to proper treatments right away. The imaging results can also help your veterinarian figure out the next steps that can give your pet a better path to recovery.


The Process

Fasting may be necessary before your pet’s ultrasound. There must be no food intake eight to 12 hours before the imaging exam. Your veterinarian will give instructions for medication or water intake. Your veterinarian will need to shave the target surface. Doing so allows good contact between the probe and the skin. Then, they will apply a conducting gel to the area.

The ultrasound machine’s probe will release sound waves that can capture an image of the target area. This procedure may take 30 to 60 minutes. The doctor will collect many images and then submit them to a radiologist for interpretation. Some pets can tolerate an ultrasound without sedation. Others become anxious, which is why they need sedation. Your veterinarian will provide instructions on what to do after the ultrasound.

Understanding the common reasons for a pet ultrasound can help your pet achieve better health and wellness. At Pet Emergency Clinic East Texas, we help pets receive immediate care when needed. Bring your pet to our clinic in Longview, Texas for emergency treatment. Call 903-759-8545 to speak to a staff member today.

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